A Bit More About Our Frog
This test drive is slower and does not include any of the NoteFrog™ program features, menus, and options that make the NoteFrog™ Personal Information Management System so powerful and oh so easy to use. It does demonstrate some of the basic search capabilities, but you can have a free edition of the NoteFrog program that is indeed completely free and never expires. You can read all about the Frog and its many features and download the program at the website.

A couple of interesting features to mention here:

- Clickable links. Any Internet links or bookmarks contained in the body of your notes are clickable and will open that page in your browser. This makes collecting, organizing, and accessing web bookmarks and reference material easier than you ever dreamed possible.
- Windows Clipboard Integration, including Automatic Clipboard Capture. Tight clipboard integration makes Web-browsing or email collection of stacks of information amazingly effficient.

- Note "Tagging"This is buit in feature as part of the NoteFrog™ Supersearch technique. Let's just say that it can turn a single Stack of notes into a Tree Structure on steroids. If you think along tree-structure lines , you are going to be blown away.