"What users want is convenience and results". - Jef Raskin: The Macintosh Project
Quick Start

The following demo is applicable for NoteFrogV2 only

Start NoteFrog, if it's not already running.

Now, let's create a stack, import some data and get started with NoteFrog.

Go to the NoteFrog "Stack" menu and select "Create a new empty stack..." (the third selection from the top)

You will be asked to enter a name (and optionally a password) for the new stack. We chose "demo"

Now, let's open that stack by selecting the "Stacks" Tab and double clicking the demo stack we just created.

This will open the empty stack we just created.

Now, we'll import some data into the stack

Once again, we'll use the "stack" Menu. This time we'll select "Import text items from a delimited file" (third from the bottom)

We'll be asked to provide the item delimiter - which is [NoteFrogV2]

Select the file containing the demo test data. For a new installation the demo data is in the "Documents" folder e.g. "c:\Users\yourName\Documents\" and is named "NoteFrogV2demo.txt". If you downloaded the file from the NoteFrog site via NoteFrogv2demo (to download - right click "Save target as...") , select the file you downloaded.

Items from the file will be imported and added to the demo stack. The items were created containing "tags" of {testlist} and {quotes}.

We can now have a stack which we can search, add/update/delete items.