"A prudent question is one-half of wisdom." - Sir Francis Bacon
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Q: How do I create my stacks of notes?
Q: How many different stacks should I create?
Q: How do I use the NoteFrog Super Search?
Q: How do I do compound (AND) searches?
Q: What are search "tags" and do I need them?
Q: How do I create a tree structure or put my notes into categories?
Q: Is there a way to mark notes as favorites or important?
Q: How do I edit the item "Titles" shown in the search results panel?
Q: What keyboard shortcuts are available?
Q: Is there any limit to the number of items I may save?
Q: Do you plan to add templates?
Q: What is "Clipboard Capture?"
Q: Is help available while running the program?
Q: Is there an overview of NoteFrog libraries, stacks, items and so on?
Q: How can I access my stacks from anywhere or share them with others?
Q: How will I know if a new version of NoteFrog be available?
Q: Are you still developing NoteFrog?