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Reminders - (NoteFrog v1.6 and up) provide the capability to create a "pop-up" reminder, which will be displayed from NoteFrog when it becomes due. NoteFrog must be active for reminders to display.
Creating a new reminder.
  • From any stack (except nf_reminders, see below) select the "Reminder" tab
  • Enter the date and time at which you want the reminder to appear using the "Set reminder Date/Time" control. The time may be entered as hour - minute - AM/PM/24. The date to appear is entered via the calendar control.
  • If you wish to have the reminder repeat per a cycle, enter the appropriate repeat cycle information in the "Repeat Every" control. e.g. Repeat Every 2 Weeks.
  • Enter a "Title" for the reminder.
  • If you would like an audible sound to occur when the reminder occurs, check the "Sound" control.
  • Enter the text you would like to appear in the "Reminder Text" area. This area may contain clickable links, if entered in http:// format.
  • Save the reminder as you would any new item.
    Each reminder will display a pop-up window in the lower right hand corner of the main window when it occurs.
    TIP To cancel/clear a repeating reminder, simply click the trash icon that appears on the reminder when it is displayed. To accept/acknowledge the reminder, click the check mark.
    Editing a Reminder.
    You may only edit an existing reminder from within the nf_reminders stack. From the nf_reminders stack you may select the appropriate reminder and make any desired changes.
    Adding a Reminder while in the nf_reminders stack
    To create a new reminder while you're in the nf_reminders stack, you must first create a new blank item. Then enter the new reminder information from the reminder tab.