The Item List
list (15K)The Item List displays a list showing the first several characters of all stack items which satisy the current search criteria. Before beginning a search, the list would contain all elements in the stack. As you input a search string, the list will be dynamically reduced to include only those notes that match the search string.

The active stack name is shown immediately above the list.

As your search is performed, the large Item Window on the right will display the content of the first note in the list. You may stop your search at anytime and click or cursor to any item in the Item List to view its content in the Item Window.
refresh (1K) The Refresh Button or the escape key [Esc] allow you to cancel a search at any time and reload the entire stack into the list window.
The Item List Right-Click Menu
The Item List Double-Click Option
If you have selected the Notefrog "Double click select" clipboard option (See the Program Options Panel accessed by clicking on the Options menu at the top of the program window.) then double-clicking on an item in the list will place a copy of the item onto the windows clipboard. If the "Double click select" clipboard action is not set, then double-cicking an item will simply select and dispay that item, an action identical to a single click.