Item Edit Buttons
The buttons in this section are the normal sorts of editing buttons found in most text programs. They allow for the various copy/cut/paste operations and Format selections such as font choice and characteristics such as size, special effects, and color.
UNDO: Undo the previous edit operation(s). At anytime prior to saving an edited item, this button may be used repetitively in order to "back out" changes that have been made with the other Item Edit buttons.
CUT TEXT: Cut (remove) the selected text from the note and put it on the clipboard.
COPY TEXT: Place a copy (duplicate) of the selected text onto the clipboard.
Paste the clipboard contents into the item at the cursor position.
Items may be copied to the Windows clipboard from many different applications and in many different ways. That content might consist of text, images, or a combination. In the case of text, the text may be "plain" unformatted alphanumeric characters, or it might be "Rich Format" that includes special font faces, sizes, bolding, colors, alignment, and more. Often, pasting "Rich Format" content into an item may produce unwanted results. For that reason, NoteFrog provides two separate paste buttons to assist in building items in the format you choose. Either button will paste images equaly well, however text results can vary as noted below.
Paste the clipboard content as Plain Text
The "Plain text" button will paste images, but will always paste text as plain text.
Paste Rich Text if available.
If a Rich Text clip is on the clipboard, the "Paste Rich Format" will paste it into the item. If there is only Plain Text or an image on the clipboard, then the Rich Text button will paste that version.
Formatted Text Selections
These controls provide text formatting options such as font face, text size, special effects, and color.
TIP Should you wish to remove Text Formatting and return to Plain Text, select the text that you wish to unformat and do a CUT operation. Then without moving the cursor, use the "Paste as Plain Text" button.
SELECT ALL: Select (hilite) all the text in the current note. This would be done in preparatio for an operation that was meant to affect the entire text content of the note.
BOLD: Apply bolding to the selected text.
ITALICS: Italicize the selected text.
UNDERLINE: Underline the selected text.
SELECT FONT: Opens a small window which will allow selection of any font-style and size that are available on your computer.
TEXT COLOR: Opens a small window that will allow you to choose a color for the selected text.
ADD CURRENT DATE: Clicking this button will insert the current date into the note at the cursor position.
Left / Right / Center Alignment
The alignment buttons act upon entire lines. As in other programs, lines which are are wider than the program window width will be wrapped around. The NoteFrog™ item window is wider than average text lines, but even so, results using the alignment buttons can often appear somewhat puzzling. If this occurs, you are probably working with lines that exceed the window width.
TIP Since many monitors today are much wider than the NoteFrog™ default screen size, if you are working with formatted screens you might want to maximize the NoteFrog™ window.
TEXT ALIGN LEFT: Select/highlite whatever portion (or the entire note) to be left-aligned and then click the align-left button. This is the default mode.
TEXT ALIGN CENTER: Select/highlite lines in your note (or the entire note) to be centered and then click the align-centered button.
TEXT ALIGN RIGHT: Select/highlite lines in your note (or the entire note) to be aligned to the right and then click the align-right button.