The Whole-Item Buttons
The buttons in this section operate on entire NoteFrog™ items, whether notes or images, whereas the buttons in the "Edit Item" section at the top right allow editing the note content.
Create a new blank item.
A new blank item will be created at the top of the current stack. It will immediately appear as a blank entry at the top of the Item List and also as an empty note, ready for editing, in the Item Window.
Save the currently displayed item back into the stack.
TIP In order to prevent the loss of new or edited items, you may also set the "Automatically save changes" option on the Program Options Panel accessed by clicking on the Options menu at the top of the program window.
Create a new item using the entire current content of the clipboard.
Items may be copied to the Windows clipboard from many different applications and in many different ways. That content might consist of text, images, or a combination. In the case of text, the text may be "plain" unformatted alphanumeric characters, or it might be "Rich Format" that includes special font faces, sizes, bolding, colors, alignment, and more. Often, pasting "Rich Format" content into an item may produce unwanted results. For that reason, NoteFrog provides two separate paste buttons to assist in building items in the format you choose. Either button will paste images equaly well, however text results can vary as noted below.
Paste the new item as Plain Text
The "Plain text" button will paste images, but will always paste text as plain text.
Use Rich Text if available.
If a Rich Text clip is on the clipboard, then the "Paste Rich Format" will paste it into the item. If there is only Plain Text or an image on the clipboard, then the Rich Text button will paste that version.
Copy the entire current item to the Windows clipboard.
Normally this would be done to then paste that item into some other program. However, the technique is useful if you have created "templates" to be used used for mutiple related notes (a daylog, address book entry, etc). Just copy the template to the clipboard using this control, then use the "Create from Clipboard" control above to create a new note using that template.
Delete the current item.
The item currently being displayed in the Item Window will be deleted from the stack and moved to the Notefrog Trash Stack.
TIP Deleted items may be recovered from the Trash Stack at any time prior to emptying the Trash. See the Recovering Deleted Items section.