The Trash Stack
Deleted notes are moved to the NoteFrog™ Trash Stack and will normally remain there until the TrashStack is emptied by choosing the "Empty the Trash Stack" option when exiting the program.
Recovering Deleted Notes
Recovering deleted notes and other maintenance on the Trash Stack is made possible by loading the Trash Stack as the active stack to access the desired notes to be recovered. To make the Trash Stack the active stack:
1 Select the Stacks display by clicking on the "Stacks" tab at the top of the large Multi-Purpose Window.
2 Double-Click the Trash stack to make it the active stack.

You can perform all normal operations on the Trash Stack that you would perform on any other stack. One exception being that if you delete notes from the Trash Stack itself, they are lost forever.

At this point your easiest recovery approach will depend upon the number of notes that you wish to recover.

Recovering a single note:
If you are recovering only a single note from the trash, you may find it easiest to simply locate that note and then use the copy item to clipboard to place a copy of that note on the clipboard.

Then you again go to the "Stacks" tab, double click the stack that you wish to place the recovered note into, and use the Rich Text "Create New Item From Clipboard" button to restore it there.
Recovering mutiple notes:
One way of moving items from one stack to another in NoteFrog™ is to:
1 Load the source stack as the active stack.
2 Use the "Stacks" tab to display the listing of all your stacks in the Multi-Purpose Window.
3 Select one or more notes from the active stack Item List display and "Drag-and-Drop" them into the target stack shown in the Stacks display.

Using this technique, you may load the Trash Stack as the active stack and recover its deleted notes by drag-and-drop into any other stack.