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Using the NoteFrog Search
At the heart of NoteFrog is a very powerful free-form search that locates every matching character string(s) in every note as you type. The search also offers straight-forward compound (AND) searching by simply hitting the carriage return after each term of a compound search. A listing of all stack items containing the search term(s) is provided, and shrinks dynamically as you type. At any time a new search on the entire stack can be initiated by hitting the escape key or clicking on the "Refresh" button.
You populate your stacks over time, placing every tidbit of information in as you go. In other Help sections we offer some suggestions and techniques that will make the grouping of notes possible and your searches even more targeted, however you will almost surely develop your own "systems" as you go. For now, just imagine that you have created any number of free-form notes. The example below will serve to show you how to get started with the search operations.
Go for it!
That's enough for now. Why not try typing in a few notes and getting the feel for things. You really do know enough now to use NoteFrog productively even if you never use another feature. If and when you wish, you can start looking at additional features in the Detailed Help section.