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Creating Your First Notes
NoteFrog offers many methods and manners to create notes, but you can actually build, maintain, and search an extremely powerful and flexible personal record system knowing only basic Windows concepts and three NoteFrog buttons.
Creating and Saving Notes
Create a new blank item.
A new blank item will be created at the top of the current stack. It will immediately appear as a blank entry at the top of the Item List and also as an empty note, ready for editing, in the Item Window.
Save the currently displayed item back into the stack.
TIP In order to prevent the loss of new or edited items, you may also set the "Automatically save changes" option on the Program Options Panel accessed by clicking on the Options/Misc menu at the top of the program window.
Create a new item using the entire current content of the clipboard.
The new item will appear in both the Item List and the Item Window.
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