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Learning to Frog in One Minute
Create a blank note. A new blank note will be created on the top of the stack. It will appear as a blank entry at the top of the Item List and also as an empty note in the Item Window.
Type or paste a bunch of stuff into the big window on the right. Try for something witty.
Save the note.
Repeat 1-2-3 a few times.
(Actually, you can skip #3 since Frog will auto-save by default.)
Now type some characters into the search box at the top-left. Don't hit the [Return], that's described in the 5-Minute Frog. Just type characters, backspace as you wish. Mess around all you want and watch what happens.
If you want to clear the search and start a fresh search, just hit the Refresh Icon or press the keyboard ESC
Feel free to go back and 1-2-3 at any time.